We empower B2B Sales teams to Increase revenue & grow faster

We work like your in-house team to...

Generate new
sales lead

Build relationships and initiate sales prospect conversations, on your behalf. This starts by building a targeted demographic of potential buyers and then directly engaging with this audience to generate interest. These leads will be fed back to you in real time.

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Increase sales

Your dedicated account manager will work with your sales team on a daily basis, to optimise activity and ensure the most efficient approach is being used to engage your unique audience.

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Maintain client

Short and long term sales goals considered as part of a long term strategy, to ensure that potential buyers are exposed to a range of messaging and content, giving us the greatest chance of delivering your brand values and securing a meeting.

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Communicate core

Our bespoke approach to your compaign ensures that we treat your brand like our own. Messaging, content and aduience engagement will be optimised on regular basis to deliver your key selling points, to your desired aduience.

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Build your loyal

We will build your digital profile to ensure you are recognised as an expert within your industry. We feel it is vital that brand is built on a sales person level, giving your target market the confidence to engage and accept support.

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Convert community
into customers

Our deliberate content plans are designed to suit your specific target audience and optimised to work efficiently on the platform of choice. Your campaign will include short and long term goals, supporting your specified target market, through your sales journey.

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Delivering Results for our Blue Chip Clients


Sales Prospects

Increased sales database with key decision makers


Increased Conections

Community of decision makers requesting on-going communication


Convertable Leads

Leading to face to face or fixed sales meetings

B2B Learning Sector Campaign Results 2021

What our client say

Rocket fuel for B2B sales teams...
"Stori quickly understood our shot-term pain points & long term vison. Then executed a hyper growth strategy that utilized out existing resources & maximized ROI with a steady flow of warm leads"
Michael Haines
Increase ROI with data driven results...
"Stori worked seamlessly alongside our existing marketing & sales departments to share their expert knowledge of Linkedin and B2B digital sales. It was great to see the immediate ROI through leads and statistical feedback."
Maria Rouso
No fluff targeted approach that focuses on results

We digitally identify your customer population and then based on your current capabilities, define the quickest & most cost-effective way to engage, convert & build an on-going relationship with them.

This can include a combination of direct digital prospecting, organic lead generation, paid media spend and content & community development.

  • Digitally identifying & mapping your total customer sales population
  • Creating prioritized buyer persona segments & rankings
  • Assessing current in-house sales resources, capabilities & strategy
  • Create a streamlined digital sales strategy offering the highest ROI
  • Act as your in-house support team to manage leads across all platforms
  • Real time data analytics & creative testing to improve KPI’s on an on-going basis
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Platforms That We Utilise

Always utilising your budget in the most efficient manner,
where the fastest growth can be achieved
Why Linkedin Matters...
The world's fastest growing B2B sales & content platform, yet 9 out of 10 global brands still only see it as a recruitment tool...
Instead of leveraging its buyer discovery & conversion capabilities
We work across all marketing segments but are constantly prioritising the growth areas that provide the highest return of investment in the shortest time frame.

We identify core buyer persona's/target audience & create individual plan for each 'buyer group'. Using direct targeting platforms like LinkedIn, we create, test & implement a 3-step message process to generate new leads for your team to follow up and complete the sale.


We empower your team to focus on building new client relationships & closing sales by taking all the ‘legwork’ out of day-to-day remarketing. We track, tag & prioritize all sales leads. And then connect to each with different messaging as pre-agreed with you.


Create short term sales conversion & long-term brand building content strategy. On-going research on all competitor & industry related content across the web & social media is used to create a content posting strategy that will convert users into customers.


Fast track your content engagement across all your digital platforms. We use organic & paid marketing to increase content engagement rates, build loyalty through community & convert into customers.


By tapping into our database of ‘industry specific’ B2B influencers, we can share or co-develop content & promotions to drive new customers to your products & services. B2B influencer marketing is at such an early stage that ROI tends to be significantly higher than Paid Media.


Similar to influencer marketing, niche Podcasts have built up a loyal & trusted audience within niche B2B segments. Through sponsorships & co-producing content, this customer base can be converted into paying customers for your product or services.


Since Covid-19, events & conferences have shifted online. Now multiple platforms offer event live streams, podcasts, & new digital community tools. We help you navigate this by offering complete event planning, marketing and execution, whilst also capturing contnet and building it in to your wider marketing strategy.


We use Paid media to accelerate existing marketing initiatives. We work across all digital platforms like LinkedIn & Facebook in addition to newer ones like Spotify & TikTok. We are obsessed with ROI, so are constantly shifting Paid budgets to maximize results.

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